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So within the last week my headlight has gone out (only the headlight, not the blinker light) and now my service air bag light comes on every time I start my car and the icon stays on 100% of the time.

I won't be able to take my car in until my next day off, which is in 11 days. I drive a lot at night and really don't want to risk getting a ticket or anything.

I think the headlight issue might be electrical, since the brights still work? Or are they 2 seperate bulbs?

As for the airbag, any ideas what could cause the issue? I thought maybe it was cause I had my textbooks on the passenger seat, maybe it's not enough weight for the sensor in the seat, and it's giving me an error thinking it's a kid or something?

Any help is appreciated, working overnights makes it really tough to get the car on on work days since I need to sleep.
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