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Headlights won't stay off ... Please help !!!

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Hi everyone, I'm a new member here!

Recently I'm having this trouble with my 2005 G6 GT, the headlights (low beam) won't shut off even after i shut down the engine. Usually it should turn off after 20 second or so right? But it doesn't.

I had this exact problem back in 6,7 months ago and then I had to replace the fuse and it worked just fine like the way it is supposed to. But this time, it seem to be something else. Replacing the fuse doesn't help.

Because of that, I had to pull off the fuse for the low beam to prevent it from killing my battery.

Another thing, I noticed my Daytime running lamp still working even after i pull out the low beam fuse. But it is turned on only when it is bright outside, when I drove in a tunnel or something, it's turned off by itself.

Does anyone know what is going on in this case? I hate to plug in the fuse and pull it out every time I drive at night, thanks for your help. :)
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I was looking for someone w/ a similar problem to me, and while I don't know if we have the same problem or not... here's what's going on w/ me....
Last night (as usual) I had my auto lights on. Then there was a car w/ no headlights on, so I flashed at them and in the process messed w/ my own lights. So I ended up having mine turned on manually instead of auto. This morning I got up and my car was dead. I don't know if the headlights stayed on all night or what, but they were on after my car got jumped, so I checked the switch on the steering wheel and yes, they were turned to on. But I thought that even if you manually leave something on, these cars have auto shut off. Like it if I turn on the push button light and forget to turn it off, it goes off w/ everything else after 10 minutes, but when you turn the car on again it comes back on bc it's still in the "on" position. Shouldn't the headlights go off even if they are on manually?

And if things aren't shutting off after 10 minutes, could something be wrong w/ that censor/setting/device?? Maybe that can go bad and maybe that's going bad w/ your car??
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okay..viet guy- there must be something wrong with your headlights i don't know what but i can tell you that by pulling the fuse for the low beams your DTRL's still work but when it gets dark enough for the low beams to kick in instead of some DTRL's then they won't because you have pulled the fuse...im sure someone on here will know the problem you're experiencing

stephcorleone- i don't believe the 6 has a feature that turns the headlights off when it is in any other position other than auto
They headlights shouldn't turn off if you have the headlight switch to the on position. Thats why when the car is off and you open the door the car dings until you turn them off. Unless there is an auto off feature im not aware of thats how it works.
yep i agree with g6 lover...unless you have it in the AUTO position they're not turning off by themselves
Thanks everyone for your reply, as far as I know, my G6 doesn't allow me to turn off Auto lights feature unless I'm in parking position (maybe because I'm in Canada?). And whenever I start my car, it's automatically goes back to Auto lights again. I can tell because I has that message center thingy tells me when auto lights is ON or OFF. And because of AUTO position is always on like I said, I'm pretty sure my headlights doesn't shut off because of I switched it to Manual :( ...
Yeah its because you are in Canada like me haha. WHen you are in park you can turn them off but the second you put it back in drive they turn on. That is because of the day time running lights, they are a legal requirement in Canada so they turn on automatically. Only way to turn em off is by pulling the fuse which is a good way to fail inspection :p
And whenever I start my car, it's automatically goes back to Auto lights again.
Even the USAian cars do this.

~ MattInSoCal
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