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Heavy Duty Rims?

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My Sister got a G6 GT with the Aluminum rims, she hasn't had it a month when she hit a pothole and bent the heck out of one of the rims. Are there any aftermarket rims that are stronger than the OEMs? I need something that will stand up to my Sister's abuse.

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Buy her a 4x4....
I bent 3 of my original 4 rims. Replaced them all then decided to get aftermarket.

I think GM was buying their aluminum from China or something....they bend easier than coke cans.

My advice- You just need to chuck em and buy something better.

now I have 4 perfect stock ones sitting in my garage. lol
I've hit so many potholes and even hit a curb in the winter and mine are good as new...
Not All Of Us Have Supercars! Lol
potholes i dont have a problem with. but curbs r the enemy.
2 months after getting my car some jerk cut me off and to avoid getting creamed, i pulled away. unfortunatly the curb was abusive. both passanger rims have a lot of rash and scratches on them. but since i'm eventually getting aftermarkets, i'll keep the stocks for winter.
Potholes shouldn't bend em. Curbs will mess them up though. If she is super hard on her wheels then i suggest going with a polished wheel rather than a chrome one. Polished wheels can be repaired and look good as new, but chrome wheels will flake if they are extremely abused. I see it everyday at the shop. We can repair polished rims to like new condition but chrome wheels will usually need to be rechromed after a repair.
I bent one hitting a piece of rubber from an exploded 18 wheeler tire that was on the road.

Yeah I agree....they shouldnt.......but they do.

Cheap china metal is what my buddy says. WHo knows. I just know that I have bent 3 and replaced all 3 before I said screw it and bought aftermarket.

No problems since.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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