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I just picked up an 09 (not the 09 and a half, but the old 09) G6. Due to the cash for clunkers program and GM incentives, I got a pretty good deal.

* Base G6 (2.4 L 4 banger) with the 4 gear auto in Quicksilver Metallic
* Sun and Sound package
* The dealer is refitting the seats with heated leather and adding a key fob.

First off, I wanted to thank this forum for existing - I first checked the G6 section on pontiacforums.com and it was practically empty of any useful knowledge. Spending an hour here, I already picked up several great things. Looking forward to leeching off of and hopefully contributing to the community.

My girlfriend has an 08 Malibu LT2 and I have been very happy with the Epsilon platform... however, her car is much nicer equipped than mine (tiptronic 6 speed, steering wheel controls, cruise control, wood grain inlay, suede and leather, and the entertainment controls are nicer). We are very competitive with each other, so please help me 1-up her

I had a few questions regarding the G6. I can read just fine, so if you don't want to type out an answer, I'm fine with linking to a discussion that handles it:

* Important question that determines the results of the rest of the questions: is there any real difference between the 08 and the 09 G6? Most of the parts I find say "05 to 08" and I can't think of why they wouldn't work on an 09 based on what I know about the model differences.
* I am not uber-technical when it comes to cars (most complicated thing I have done was replace the stock stereo which was pretty much plug and play other than rewiring the harness) but I saw colinpeddle's steering wheel replacement guide and think I could follow it... but I can't find any steering wheels. I checked ebay as colinpeddle's post suggested but could not find any. If you could find me a steering wheel with the cruise and radio controls, I would be grateful (even if it's more than the $80 colin's post claims).
* Fog lights seem like a relatively easy install (cut out a template in the bumper, shove 'em in, wire 'em up, then somehow get the controls to the driver). I couldn't find any guides or recommendations on fog lights, so I would love some help there.
* The car looks decent overall (mind you it's the base, so it doesn't have the cooler looks of the GT or GXP) but I would like to throw in some HIDs or something to increase headlight performance. I saw a few threads on projectors, but most of the posts claimed they sucked worse than the stock headlights - has anyone found some good alternative headlights?
* The back of the sedan is also kind of boring, so I was looking at adding a tasteful spoiler (not a big wing, just something to make the back look better). Any suggestions? Some people mentioned they got the work done for free by the dealer - how close do you have to be with the dealer for that to happen (I can screw it on, I just get nervous about cutting sheet metal and I lack the tools to do so)?
* Mudguards - I need to take a short gravel road to get to my driveway and I plan on heavily using the car in the winter (snow and ice means I can't take my motorcycle to work). I want mudguards, the ones from pontiacpartspeople seem to be recommended - do these scratch the pain at all? Do you recommend the molded or the flat?

Nice to meet you!

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Congrats on your new ride, and good luck with your mods! The only one of your questions that I have done to my 06 G6 GTP was I replaced the headlight and foglight bulbs with some Luminics Ultra White lights with a temp of 5150K, very big improvement over the stock lights and a lot cheaper then HID Kits. I have pics in the Photo Gallery of them on.
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