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Hello from Phoenix!

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Hello to all! I just recently purchased a 2006 G6 GTP in crimson red. I love this car its much better than the Cobalt lt i was driving. Been cruising around a little to get a good feel for the car, in the past I've had a cavalier z24 coupe and 2 cobalt coupes so this car feels a little bigger to me...Here are some pix...

As far as I can tell its all stock...for now...
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Welcome aboard!!
Welcome to the club and congrats for the new purchase.The car looks really beautiful.Enjoy your stay and have a nice time.
Welcome! Please enjoy! Oh btw, your car isn't stock. You got tinted windows! :) I bet they are 35%.

Dillon :cool:
Nice. I got the 06 coupe. Nice cars.
Congrats on your new ride and welcome! I've got almost 90K on my 06 GTP Coupe 6spd manual and love it!
nice 6, digging tha panoramic I love mine. What are you all planning on doing to it?
Thank you everyone for the warm welcomes, @ G6driver..I'm looking to get true dual exhaust and maybe an intake. I will probably get new tires 1st and change the oil soon.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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