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Hello from the MotorCity!

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Figured I would do a formal introduction here. Am from Metro Detroit area and I work right behing the GM Powertrain plant in Warren MI. When GM put out the $6500 rebate at the end of the 09 year to try and get rid of the rest of the Pontiacs, I went to the dealer for the first time in a long time. I seen this Carbon Black G6 GXP Coupe, and that was it....a perfect fit in my garage with my Black 85 Corvette. So far I could not be happier and I hope I can contribute to this forum!
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welcome...glad to have you aboard.
Welcome. Nice to see another person from Michigan.
Welcome and that a nice GXP you have there! :D
Hi yall!!!!
black GXP coupe.....=....AWESOMESAUCE!!!

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