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Im a new G6 owner. I actually haven't even got to drive the car yet. I purchased a Silver 2007 Pontiac G6 GT Sedan with a 3.5 V6. I purchased it wrecked with some side damage and I am currently getting it repaired. They seem like they are great cars from what I read on here. Initially I plan on getting it all clean and complete. Fix all the little things it needs. I then want to clean it up real nice. It has 71000 miles on it so I may go ahead and do a mobile 1 synthetic oil change. Change the plugs....maybe the wires and throw a k&n drop in for now.
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Congrats on your new purchase! Best of luck with the repairs, and investment! I purchased my 06 GTP brand new and have over 101k on it now. I replaced the Dexcool, an 02 sensor, tires, brakes, recently plugs and wires, and have used Mobil 1 fully synthetic for every oil change starting at 1,000 miles. I am currently running the High Milage Mobil 1 and my engine runs very smooth and I do not hear any tapping or top end noise what so ever. I would recommend you changing to that too, if you are thinking about it and planning on holding onto the car for along time. I would change your coolant if it is dexcool (5 yrs old + its dexcool!) and the trans fluid if automatic (mine is manual or it would have been done at least 2 times by now, probably 3). Plugs are up to you, they are platinum so they are good for 100k. I replaced mine with ACdelco, the same as stock, and put Magnecor 8.5mm Made in USA wires on it. Congrats again, and welcome to the forum. How bout some pics of it crashed and then some pics when its fixed.
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