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ive been wanting to install a new sound system in my 08, got all the goodies so far but when i was asking for some advise at some local audio stores about my deck install. ive gotten the Metra 2 99-3303 dash kit and says it will

"LCD display retains OnStar, RAP and factory Drivers Info Ctr, instructions, ABS plastic, all hardware" but the fellow also mention that i have to get the

Peripheral GMAHLAN2L11 OnStar Radio Harness Adapter to keep Onstar, but they mention in this product that "audio from the OnStar® system plays through the two front factory speakers when OnStar® is active.
Retains seatbelt, key in, and headlight on warning chimes as well as Vehicle Parking Assist (if equipped) and audible blinker indicators." but this is only up to the 07's

can anyone clarify to me that the metra dash kit i got the 99-3303 is all i need for my install other then the extra harness for my swc's and that this harness i dont need? or anyone that has already installed a system on their 08 g6 ?
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