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Help installing aftermarket car stereo/deck

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Hi y'all. Long time lurker, first time poster. Signed up specifically to get some help installing a car stereo. I'm a fairly technologically-inclined guy, so I figured replacing the stock stereo in my car wouldn't be much of a difficulty. WRONG.

I purchased this deck (thought not through Crutchfield) and figured it'd be an easy swap. I ripped apart the car to figure out I need an in-dash receiver kit, so I picked up this one. Then I go at it again, and find out I need a wiring harness to avoid chopping everything up, so I go out and get this one.

Now I've got everything I need to install this thing. I tried the other day, though, and couldn't get power to the unit. I'm 110% frustrated now and at a complete loss, so I need help. The harness kit came with a red 12V accessory wire (which I believe gives the unit its power) but I don't know how to hook it up or where. I read on various forums that it should go to the passenger side fuse box. The red wire came with a little fuse adapter thing so that you can plug it in with a fuse, so I stuck it in the radio fuse. No luck. I don't know if I hooked the wire up right at the harness, though, and it was cold as hell out, so I gave up, and now I'm here.

This process has totally sucked and any help would be amazing.

I've got a 2007 Pontiac G6. Sedan. Any other details I don't have right now, but can try and get later on.
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Well got my bubble bust today, I went to see about getting my new stereo install, had all the parts, then dude told me that I needed this Metra 95-3303B, in order to keep the info on the car, this thing cost $229.00 to $299.00, now I'm pissed and wondering if I should just get rid of the GPS, DVD, SD card slot, Ipod connect, Bluetooth, backup camera, system or just get rid of my G6.
Yes dude to me that he could take the stock radio and put it in the trunk then run wires through that to keep the DIC, I told him that I don't use the stering wheel controls anyway, then he told me that I can go with the Metra 95-3303B, and he will put it in the glove box, so I said let me look around to see if I can find the Metra 95-3303B myself, and its costing the same everywhere, But I did find a used one for $165, but I will look at some other shops, and the cost to install the system is in the range of $80.00 to a $130.00.
Well I broke down and purchase the metra 95-3303B double din unit, I found it on Ebay for $215.00, everywhere I looked it was at $229.00 and higher, now just waiting for it to get here, I will be glad when the installation of this stereo is over and I'll be able to use my Galaxy for music.
Stereo system all done

If you didn't want to take it somewhere, I would be talking to Metra or PAC to see what they say about which harness to use.
Well Dmanj Its all done, the head unit and the metra 95-3303b and this is what it looks like, oh yeah I had to get a moble XM unit too.


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