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Hey there,

I took the boot off the inner tie rod, cut off the plastic white housing around the inner tie rod, cleaned off the grease.
I rented the red little case with a half socket with a snipe/extension for the half socket....

So I go to put the half socket right on the tie rod...it sort of fits, but I believe its my only choice out of the 3 half sockets to use. Cause the other 2 wont go over the joint/bulb of the tie rod.
so I attach my breaker bar to the extension/snipe...and it keeps slipping.

I'm frustrated, please help.
I'm thinking of trying to wd-40 the tie rod and let it sit so I can crack it open.
I did put on a 10" pipe wrench on the tie rod/bulb part...but it still won't crack open. If I do get a hammer behind the pipe wrench to hit the pipe wrench down I don't have much swing room to make a real effect.

This is 2007 Pontiac g6 3.5


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