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HELP! SES and Traction Control lights keep coming on!

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I have a 2007 with a V6 and the SES and traction control lights keep coming on. Always when I first leave my house in the morning. Feels like it can't decide whether it should shift or not, then the SES light flashes, the Traction Control light comes on and the radio display says "service traction." I've had it into the dealership 4 times now and it keeps giving a misfire code. So far, they've reset & updated the computer, replaced injector/plug/wire on cylinder #2, and did something with the PCM (I didn't pick it up that time so I don't know exactly what was said). Problem keeps happening, although now sometimes it's just the SES light flashing. And of course the warranty is up, but the dealership has been really great with working out a deal for me. I like this car but it's really getting annoying to have to take it in every week and borrow my mother-in-law's car for a couple days!
Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!! Thanks!
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Gettin rid of it!!

So I've taken it back 2 more times and they've put in some fuel additive that was supposed to help. Yeah or not! It's finally ticked me off enough that I just traded it in last night. Of course my husband made me get another GM vehicle but at least this one now has a warranty and hopefully less headaches! Good luck with your's!
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