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First off nice site here. The problem I am having is that I want to get a

aftermarket stereo. I really don't wanna pay for the DIC. So I bought Scosche

GM1587B on ebay. I also got Scosche MDA1B. I also ordered a wiring harness

which I am waiting for in the mail. I have alpine CDA 9883. It is older headunit

but still works good. So is there anything else I need to install this radio? I have

read on crutchfield that I need this part for aftermarket stereo"PAC GM Radio

Replacement Interface Model 0S-311B"Do I really need this part? It is like

$189 dollars. Is there an alternative? I don't have onstar. I have 2007 G6. I guess it's not

monsoon system because I read on another thread that it says "monsoon"

when you turn car on. Also will check engine appear on dash? Like will I lose

anything that I would really need if I lose DIC. Im pretty sure I have the base

model as the DIC only displays Oil life, mpg, trip A, etc. Thanks for any help.
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