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Hi, my name is Mike and I am trying to post an ad in the classifieds. I don't think I have access because I only have 6 posts and was wondering if there is any way around that limit because I hate to post posts just for the sake of posting posts...if you know what I mean.

Reason I would like to access the classifieds is to sell my wife's 2006 G6 GTP 4 door sedan with the 6 speed manual tranny. It has the 3.9L V6 w/48,000 miles and is in great shape with minor cosmetic blemishes from being driven. Reason for selling is we are moving to the city and she wants an automatic transmission and we are starting a family so she wants an SUV. I hate to let the car go as I just tinted it and it looks great. It is black on black with black leahter and a factory power moonroof, XM Radio, factory 6 CD changer, heated seats, power drivers seat and has never been wrecked. She is the one and only owner of the vehicle and it has been woman drive (babied) its whole life, I can't drive a manual hahaha so she would not let me drive it, ever. The car is her baby and it has always been garaged. I can provide pictures if someone would let me post the ad. Also, I have always put Mobil 1 synthetic oil, has new brakes, newer tires and I just wanted to post it here vice take it for the trade in so another Pontiac G6 lover could enjoy this nice piece. Thank you, and please let me know if you have any questions, your help in this matter is appreciated. Take care.

PS- car is in Southern California
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