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Help with stock radio replacement

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Being that this forum would not post my airbag question, maybe I can get some help with a radio question. I want to go back to the stock radio to regain my DIC functions. My current connectors are the standard blue plug and a standalone grey plug. What model radio do I need? I have a Tech 2 coming soon and have full understanding of how to program a radio not oem to the vin. Hopefully I can reset my hairbag module with this tool, also. I am trying to figure out if my car came with the premium factory radio package.
2006 G6 GTP
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AFAIK all the G6 stereos will fit with the same connections (except 2009.5+) It's just the different options in the radio that differentiate the RPO code. I believe any can be programmed to match the VIN of the car. I haven't done any stock installs at all so I can't say for sure...

You can check if you have the Monsoon amp in the trunk to determine if your system at least had that.
It's possible someone removed the amp, or replaced it, or just went with the head unit replacement, but if the amp did once exist then you should find wiring for it.

One option available is to swap in the Speedometer cluster and cruise control/DIC switch assembly from a 2009.5-2010 G6. The cluster houses the DIC and the switch allows you to control the DIC.
Appreciate the info, have stock radio coming. Hopefully after I program it, the rear speakers which are connected right now will work. Looking forward to having DIC access. Thanks, man.
my 2007 monsoon radio has the blue plug plus a gray xm plug with three wires.
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