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Hello everyone! I am brand new to the G6 car, and am buying a 2010 G6 Sedan tomorrow. It is hard to find most info on the internet now that Pontiac has pretty much vanished. I have a few questions, and hopefully you guys can help!

1- I see that remote start comes on some of these cars. Was it stock, or an option?

2- Do I need to purchase anything other than transferring my XM radio subscription?

3- Do all the 2010's come with Onstar?

Also any other important info you can provide will be appreciated!


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Well I'll answer what I can -

1. Not sure if the remote start was stock - I have it on mine and I don't recall it being part of one of the option packages, so it could well be stock :)

2. If you have OnStar already I believe you can transfer that too.

3.Again not sure but I believe they do, although sometimes the fleet (rental) models have it deleted and a good number of the 2010's had airport lots as their destiny, so you might not necessarily get it :(
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