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Here is the list of most of the items setting at the house for the build. Already have the race block and what's in the sig. Just need to add the new cam in the block and the rest of this stuff.

Heads for the making of Stage 3 heads. (thanks schwenk)
Stage 4 ported and polished supercharger
Manley Severe Duty Generation II Stainless Steel Valves
1.90 Intake Valves
Manley Severe Duty Generation II Stainless Steel Valves
1.57 exhaust valves
High-Volume 255LPH Fuel Pump Kit
Pushrods -
- Options Comp Cams Hi-Tech lightweight Chromoly (12)
Comp Cam OR Roller lifters
Viton Valve Seals (Set of 12)
Lower Intake Manifold Gasket Set
Supercharger Gasket X's 2
Valve Cover Gaskets
Oil pan gasket
Intense Stage 4 cam
Double Rollmaster timing chain
130# Valve springs
Hardened 4th Gear Clutch Shaft -
Dynotech 300M Hardened Input Shaft
4T65E/-HD Pawl-Style Input and 3rd Sprag Kit
65# fuel injectors
Cam install kit
Tranny install kit
Manley Performance Valvespring Retainers
N* Throttle Body Gasket
SLP 85mm High-Flow Mass-Air-Flow Sensor And 3-5 plug.
Meziere Electric water pump
Throttle body adaptor
H-BODY crank pulley damper
4 inch shorter acc Belt
Intense FWI
MLS gaskets .052
EGR Block off Plates
TPS adaptor
DEI CO-2 spayer kit
DEI CO-2 Air intake
3750 stall Conv.

Still need to get my fluids.

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Here's a few pics of some of the minor items.

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