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My name is J just the letter..I know I know. I own an 08 G6 GXP Sedan, and honestly cant believe I waited as long as I did to find out what every Pontiac owner from over the years raves about..

I travel for a living leaving my G6 in the garage most days but when I come home its always a struggle to get me inside for dinner. I'm saving for some big mods all at once, kinda a shock and aww kinda look, know what I mean? As of right now I have done the little stuff. I swapped all my OEM bulbs for LED replacements and swapped the factory clear H11 for Blue H11 replacements. Im a truck driver by trade so lights and chrome kinda run in my blood I guess you could say.

I found all the LED bulbs at the local truck stops (Pilot has been the most helpful). They even had a Blue H11 and H9 (Found those at Wolcott, IA.,T/A (worlds largest truck stop )...

Future plans for my GXP include upgrading the OEM 19" wheels to 20", tint and sound for a start. I have been keeping an eye out for carbon fiber accessories I am waiting for finders, hood, trunk lid, and mirror options..

As I finish stages Ill be sure to post new pictures on the way...

Also I am having a problem finding the 9040 fog lamp bulb in yellow, anyone have any luck with this?
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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