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Just a little backstory... I'm 17 about to turn 18 in 10 days, and started driving a couple years ago. My first vehicle (wasn't MINE but was mine to drive) was an 08 Colorado that I totalled earlier this year due to the winter and road conditions 😭 as I usually drive myself to school and home, work and home etc, a vehicle was a must for me. My father and I went on the hunt for something that didn't break the budget... And what did we find ? A rebuilt title 05 GT at a local rebuild lot. I got it for only 2.5k!!! Apparently the car was in an accident involving the front end, and all the rebuilders replaced was the front fascia and hood. They tried to paint it the same color as the car (blue), but I will admit the fascia and hood are a little bit darker.

Anyways... I'm blessed to say this 05 GT had 168k miles when I got it almost 5 months ago in February. I'm now sitting at 173k and I'm in absolute LOVE with this car. I've had little problems!

Only problems I've had so far is the gas mileage when I first got it (has since been improved greatly thanks to fuel treatment ), the original tires (has since been replaced with 4 new Nexen tires), and starting the thing (had to give it some throttle to start it). The starting issue has since been resolved thanks to Seafoam Spray (turns out it was just a really... REALLY dirty throttle body). I've blacked out the wheels and that's really about it.

Here is some pics 😁 let me know what you guys think I should do to it 👀

Btw, the G6 forums looks like an AMAZING and helpful community that I'm glad I'm now a part of 😁


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