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Hey Guys...New Members Here !

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Where do I start ?? We bought our first G6 Feb. 2005. It was a Black Base Model with blacked out windows. My Fiance done a few things to it and then he hit a deer ! It was never the same after that so July of this year we traded it in for a White 2006 G6 GT. He obviously loves them to buy another one !! Well we both do actually...we call it our "family car with a kick". LOL Since we've had it we've done a few things to it. He put the cold air intake on it, blacked out the windows, painted the calipers red and painted the woodgrain trim white. It looks pretty good so far. We still have a way to go though ! I'll take some pics and post them of our new car and put some up of the old car as well....
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Welcome to the site and we look forward to seeing the car pics. :)
Welcome to the club!!
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