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hey guys !!!

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im newbie here in the forum, I got a 2006 pontiac g6 and love it, if you guys can help me here in this forum just go ahead...

BTW does anyone know where can I buy the upper grille, please dont tell me ebay lol, they are like $160
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Welcome!! first how bout some info. coupe sedan or convertible? what color? what trim? ....so what upper grill you looking for?
thanks for helping me, its a g6 sedan, white and have the stuck rims, it looks like your man, basically the grille that im looking for is the stuck that comes with the car or any other not too expensive you know
the stock grill can be bought at Gmpartsdirect.com
But i know you said no ebay but i see ones for cheap on there alot.
Type g6 grill i cant see the gmpartsdirect being cheaper.

hahaha ok man, ill check again and see what i can find thank you
yeah i just looked and there is only 1-2 but normaly i see more.

But they have some awesome recessed grills on there. if its damaged maybe upgrade?
try g6 grille......with an e at the end
try this company out... i have the full upper and lowers on my ride and i love them...i got mine in stainless

here is the link to my pics...check out the grills and see if you like them
I found this web site that may be helpful, but please check it out and give me your opinion and what you think about the prices, it seems that has good quality too.


those are good prices...almost worth buying a couple to paint em
you right bro, those are good prices compared to ebay..., im not sure about the quality but you know for now its worth it..
That is crazy i need a set because mine are starting to chip away and i was going to paint them but these are so cheap hmmmm
yes they really are, I ordered a set yesterday, ups said that tomorrow it'll be here so I'll let you know about the quality and maybe give some pictures
deff take some pics that would be awesome and that quick!
HEYYYY here are some piks, guys the quality for is A+++

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NICE!!! At that price im definitly gonna order a couple to paint and mess around with.
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