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Hey wassup everyone, today i just bought a G6 Well actually i leased cause i don't keep cars long enough. Im 24yrs and on my 8th car. Ive actually had 3 grand am previous to this and was on the grandamgt.com site for awhile. Totalled that beautiful car because of some a**hole. Anyway I bought a 06 silver GT sedan. Fully loaded. It wasn't the colored i wanted but i know the owner up there and worked out a great deal for me. I pick the car up Tuesday can't wait. Unfortuanly ill be keeping it mostly stock since im not doing show cars anymore, because something alway bad happens and plus im trying to save and move out. Ill tint it and put my DVD player in. Once i get the vehicle ill post some pictures. well see everyone around. Names Eric by the way.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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