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I've been driving a Ford Focus for a little over a year now (great little car, and awesome MPG), and before that, I had a 2005 GTO (still a member of the GTO site). I have nothing against the Focus (great MPG), but had to have something with more pizazz - and the G6 convertible is it!!!

The 72 month free interest sealed the deal for a 2008 G6 GT Midnight Blue with light taupe, and the 3.9 package (chrome wheels, less MPG, and a little more power).

So far, it's just been about 125 miles, but what a nice car!!! Smooth, quite, decent power, and did I mention - IT'S A CONVERTIBLE!!!

I trule hope the retractable hard top has a reliabilty that matches its looks.

Anyway, I'm making a long post (sorry) - love the car, and glad to join this list!


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