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Now heres the deal with my G6. It was my moms car & she bought this car brand new in 2007 but, I didn't get it until I bought it off of her about 2 years ago after I was in a major accident in my other car.. I detail cars for a living so I'd be glad to help anyone with any questions ETC just feel free to email me at [email protected]
Now I'll warn you this car is not absolutely perfect but I'm only getting it for a few more months. Here's so stuff I've done to it. Compounded in stages, Clay Bared, Polished, Waxed, and I followed all of that with a consumer based product due to the cars age but it does have 3 coats of Cermaic Coating in which I do about every 3 to 6 months. I PROMISE you none of these photos are edited because I think that's really lame. This shine has come from many hours of hard work and using the right products for the job!
I recommend Chemical Guys Products
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