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Hello guys and gals,

I just bought a 06 G6 GTP on Monday after a long drawn out battle with my insurance company over a car I had stolen from me over a month ago, but that is another story all together.

Let me just say that I love this car. I actually rented a 07 GTP in Florida when I proposed to my girlfriend (now wife) back in Spetember of 07, so that made my decision to get one pretty easy, since I remember how impressed we both were back then.

This thing is sweet, 18 inch wheels, stealth grey, black interior, panoramic roof, heated leather seats, xm radio....everything. The only thing I have done so far is debadge it. Not sure what else I want to do with it yet. I will take some pics this weekend, and post them up for everyone so you can share your thoughts. Anyway, just wanted to say hello, and I look forward to the wealth of knowledge I already see here. I am sure it will come in handy now and down the line!

1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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