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just wanted to introduce myself. For the last 5 years ive been driving a bonneville ssei (supercharged with 250k miles on the original motor) but after a headgasket/overheat issue that car has officially been retired. I replaced it with a silver 2005 G6 GT. just at 100k miles on it so i figure its got plenty of life in it. It was a 1 owner purchased with 30 miles on it. Now its all mine, so far its got some aftermarket 17's on it and a k & n cone filter setup routed into a hole under where i assume the airbox once was. The car runs great, has a CEL for an 02 which isnt an issue right now and I just put new plugs and wires on it myself. its ready for a cat back, probably stick with a single outlet. i like the manumatic trans but prefer a stick, oh well maybe next time. maybe i can figure out why the panoramic roof doesnt open before summer gets here, hopefully. --James
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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