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High Pitch Squeal

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I've found that many people have asked about it, but nobody has gotten an answer. During moderate to hard acceleration there is a very loud squeal coming from my engine compartment - belt was replaced recently and its still there. It seemed to be reduced for about an hour after I got my car back then returned right back to being as loud as ever.

Some people have cited the tensioner or some sort of PVC leak causing the noise, and I just want to see if anyone out there has any clue the source of this noise. Pretty disappointing because this is a great car otherwise.
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Ahh I've had this noise for 25k miles and through one belt change now, not only is it annoying but it's quite frankly BS that so many people have had this problem and GM hasn't identified it. Because of the rev limiter you also can't hear the noise unless the car is in gear, further complicating being able to show it to a technician.
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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