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High pitch whistle on acceleration

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I have a '07 G6 GT that I inherited from my 87 y/o grandfather when he past away in January. Yes, it's red because what other color would an 87 year old man drive. Within the last 2 months I've started noticing a high pitch whistle/noise when I accelerate. If I back off the throttle its goes away. I thought it was brakes at first but I get no noise when I brake at any speed. Only when I accelerate. Anyone have any thoughts? Haven't brought it in yet, want to see if its a minor fix I can do myself.


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I bought my 2007 G6 a week ago and when I test drove it, I heard the whistling noise in the exhaust when I would accelerate beyond 2000 RPM. I started not to purchase it because of that and the fact that the salesman said, "sounds normal to me". So, I came home, searched it out and found this thread. I decided to go ahead and buy. I ordered the Magnaflow 10425 from Summit Racing for $68 and paid a local muffler shop $65 to install (GM dealer didn't want to use my parts). It is fixed and sounds great now! Thanks! By the way, the car was priced $3,300 below value- that could have been how I got it so cheap!
Sorry everyone, on my post, I typed the part # in error, it was the Magnaflow 10424 that fixed my whistling noise also!
I live in the sticks where the closest Midas is like 60 miles away so I had to go to a privately owned muffler shop to get mine fixed. I showed up at 3:30PM and they put it on the lift and told me that "due to the bracing, it would take a while and they didn't have time to get to it that day and to bring it back the next day". I took it back the next morning and left it, then picked it up that evening and the labor bill was only $65, of course that was a private owned place and not a franchise. They did have to remove the bracing on mine and they actually showed me how there was no way to get to the resonator without doing so. I didn't see any way to. Mine is an 07 convertible. The price for me wasn't that bad, just an inconvenience of not having the time to wait on them, I had to get a ride to drop it off and to pick it back up.
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