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High pitch whistle on acceleration

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I have a '07 G6 GT that I inherited from my 87 y/o grandfather when he past away in January. Yes, it's red because what other color would an 87 year old man drive. Within the last 2 months I've started noticing a high pitch whistle/noise when I accelerate. If I back off the throttle its goes away. I thought it was brakes at first but I get no noise when I brake at any speed. Only when I accelerate. Anyone have any thoughts? Haven't brought it in yet, want to see if its a minor fix I can do myself.


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My wife's 2007 convertible developed the whistle and I found this thread. I ordered the Magnaflow from Amazon and set up an appointment with a local Midas shop. They had the car on the lift about 30 seconds, came and got me and said look at all this...pointing at what I'm assuming is bracing to stiffen the convertible...and said this is at least a 4 hour job to take all this down and then do the resonator. I told them to drop the car and I'd get it done later, because I did not have that kind of time and I didn't trust they knew what they were doing. Am I correct in assuming that the bracing is not a big deal and they should be able to replace the resonator as easily as a non-convertible? Thanks for your help.
Our '07 is a Hard-Top Convertible (HTC) and my Midas shop did not have to touch the bracing - they did the work in under an hour.

If your shop needs to call my shop their # is (973) 579-1030 - Midas Newton NJ.

Had this done back in April - their best welder did the work - owner will know his name.
Perfect! That was exactly the answer I was hoping for. I will have them call. Thank you again.
Thanks for the reply. That was what I suspected was the case but didn't have the info to dispute their claims. It was a Saturday and I think they were expecting a slack day and they just didn't want to bother with my car. I've found another place that will do it in the expected time frame and cost. Thanks everyone, been a great help.
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