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High Pitched Wine On The Front Passanger Side

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I have a 06 g6 gtp sedan with almost 70k miles on it and im getting a loud whine when i am driving but it goes away when i am at a complete stop this all just started i don't know whats going on and its embarrassing to drive with that loud wining what is going on?
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It's hard to say, but that could be from, either the brake pad rubbing against the rotor, which the dust in between the moving rotor and brake pad could cause a loud whine while driving. Or the second possible problem could be from a faulty wheel bearing. and that noise, could/would get louder when veering in one or either direction (from lane to lane on a highway or two lane road).. see if any of those issues suit the problem in your vehicle.
Welcome to driving a front wheel drive Pontiac. Don't worry only you and other Pontiac drivers will notice it.
My daughter's car was doing the same thing. I thought it was the wheel hub, but it turned out to be the wear indicator on the rear brakes. New brakes fixed the problem.
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