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hooked up amp and sub, now amp is humming

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i got my friend's step dad to wire in an amp and sub into my 2007 G6, the bass works fine but everytime the key is turned, the amp turns on and makes a constant humming sound until the car is turned off... any ideas why this may be ?
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Does the amp make the hum sound or the subwoofer?
try adjusting gains and levels
it is the amp for sure,
and thanks- i will try making some adjustments
Is the power line and the RCAs routed the same path? If so, try running the power on one side of the vehicle and the RCAs on the other side.
okay, my bad.. i looked at my sub/amp again and i guess its the sub humming,
it starts humming when the RCA's plug into the amp =S tried adjusting levels and channels, nothing worked. any suggestions?
Use a low pass filter. Check your amp if it has that adjustment. If not, then go buy one.
sounds like a ground loop problem. like said above, make sure RCA's are not with power wires. try taking a piece of wire and touch it to the amp and the frame of the car and see if the hum goes away.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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