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hi. im new to this site so hopefully im doin this rite.. but i was wonderin if someone could help me out. i have an 06 pontiac g6 sedan and am wanting to hook up my iphone to the stereo but theres no plug. ive used a fm transmitter before with my old mp3 player and it was horrible! ive also seen bad comments n reviews on them. the only option i am seein for myself now is to have the connector installed. i found a place i can get the part and installing for $200. is that a good deal? and how is the quality, is it worth it?? also, does someone on here have a pic so i will kinda have an idea what it will look like before havin it done? thanks so much!!

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Texas??? We just had a meet last week.
Most buy a 2008 radio for the Aux input. It will require you to install it
and a dealership to program it to you car.
Then it will work. You just want audio right? Cause there is no blue tooth on that year.

The new 2009.5 bowtie radios have a bluetooth option though.

But they are not cross compatible to earlier G6 model years.
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