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How do I install a output Converter?

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OK I have a 2006 G6, and I want to install my old subs in it. I want to keep the stock radio and I was told I can do this by installing a output Converter. I went ahead and bought a Scosche output converter from my local walmart but at this point I don't really know how to install it... So if somone could Please help it would be much appreacated. Thank You
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yeah....is it just the loc-80? the little blue one with two RCA plugs?
well i was able to find these instructions. and from what it says its for JBL or BOSE systems. it looks like it hooks right into the wiring harness on those stereos. I think your best bet is to get something like the loc-80...then you just need to splice it into your rear speakers.


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Thanks, but honestly I think I"m just going to go ahead and pay the extra $30 to just have my local audio shop hook it up for me. That way I don't have to worry about me Blowing somthing or damaging other stuff....
Damn!!..30 bucks?? I wouldve paid 30 bucks for someone to install mine. haha... good choice.
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