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you are gonna need some tools for that:

7mm socket (might also need a 10mm... i'm not sure)
clip or door panel remover
t35 torx socket
may be a flash light
and possibly a creeper

it's pretty easy ... nothin too it ... you don't have to take the taillights off. First remove the torx bolt that are holding it right by the taillights on each side... look closely and you'll see them. they are not cover up or anything. then the remove clips on the bottom that are holding the black part. And then you have a couple of 7mm screws that are holding the fender liners. Peel the fender liner away and you'll see another 7mm or 10mm screw holding the bumper to the quarter panel right where they meet.

that's pretty much it ... after that you have to be careful but pull the bumper out of the brackets that are holding it right under where the quarter panel ends on the bottom. make a quick and strong pull and they'll pop out. Be careful not to rip it off and don't rip the wires off. there are wires that are going to the lights for license plate.
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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