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Hi there,
For some of you this might be obvious, but I thought I'd offer a write up. When searching the forum, I couldn't find a step by step for us Ecotec folks, so here it is.

Tools needed:
15mm shallow socket, 3/8" drive ratchet
Ramps or jack stands, whichever you prefer to safely raise your car
Rear wheel blocks
1-1/4" Open end wrench
Oil and filter from your favorite auto supplier.

So first thing, I was a little surprised by the filter I bought for my car. I am used to conventional spin on filters, the Ecotec uses a cartridge. I guess GM had to live up to the Ecotec name by less waste for routine maintenance.

1) Run your car for a few minutes to warm the oil. Shut off the engine and open your hood and remove your oil cap. This helps the oil drain quicker.
2) Raise the vehicle safely using jack stands or ramps. Be sure to set your parking brake and block the rear wheels for good measure. Before venturing under the car, it’s a good idea to grasp the car and shake side to side to ensure it is raised securely.
3) Grab your favorite pan to drain the oil in. Bring your 15mm socket and ratchet with you.
4) Remove the drain plug and allow the oil to completely drain in the pan. Grab a rag, t-shirt, paper towel (anything but peanut butter) and clean up the drain plug.
5) Reinstall drain plug and tighten snugly with your ratchet.
6) Carefully remove your pan full of oil and set aside. Put it someplace where you, your dog, your kids won’t step in!
7) Look next to the dipstick. See that black plastic cap that looks like a PVC cap for plumbing? Your oil filter cartridge is in there. I’ve read removing the engine cover or intake is necessary, or buying a crows foot wrench is needed to remove the plug. I used a standard, open ended 1-1/4” wrench and did NOT find it necessary to remove the engine cover or intake. You can attack it from the front of the car using the open end of the wrench. Apply firm pressure and unscrew the cap (The closed end of the wrench will be raised slightly)
8) With your fingers you can lift the cap off. The old cartridge will be attached to the cap. Pull the old cartridge out gently. It will pop off. Install the new cartridge ensuring it snaps back into the cap.
9) Remove and replace the black o-ring if visual inspection shows it needs replacing. There is an orange o-ring too, just leave it alone as my filter kit did not include it.
10) Re-install the black plastic cap. Tighten finger tight then use your 1-1/4” wrench to gently tighten it up.
11) Grab your funnel and add your fresh oil. My car took a full 5 liter bottle.
12) Check the dipstick, make sure you’re on the right track.
13) Run the car for a few minutes, check the dipstick again and make sure there are no leaks.
14) Remove your rear wheel blocks and lower the car.
15) Reset your Oil Life indicator by entering to the function and holding Enter. The function is in the menu.
16) Grab your funnel and empty your old oil from your pan back into the container that had your fresh oil. Take it to the recyclers!

Job well done. You’re good for a few thousand miles / km’s.

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