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I'll let the electronics experts delve into the flickering HID issue (I know there have been posts about it before), but for the DRL's it's simple, but not as simple as it could be.

1.Remove the cover over the battery & engine compartment fuses
2.Refer to the fuse guide and look for #46
3.Now the slightly tricky part - if you don't have a fuse puller of your own handy, you have to get in the car on the passenger side and remove the panel up against the center console to get the puller generously provided by GM. The panel is held on by a Rube Goldberg-esque series of clips & hinges, and is even more fun to put back on than get off :rolleyes:
4.Pull the fuse
THANK YOU! This worked like a charm! These are perfect instructions! Time for that beer!
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