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Thanks for all of the good advice guys. I read in the owner's manual that it will automatically shift down for you when you slow down- so it sounds like downshift is not necessary if you're coming to stop. I noticed that sometimes, though, it will nearly skip the downshift to 3rd gear and quickly shift to second and then first. Sometimes it does shift through 3rd though. goofy but it doesn't seem to matter.

I also have noticed a pretty good increase in mileage while driving under manual mode. I tend to spread out the shifting a little differently than the automatic does. I tend to shift out of 1st and 2nd a little sooner (right after hitting 2k rpm, as opposed to just above 2500) and I use 3rd gear a little more. The automatic seems to stay in 1st and 2nd a little longer, stay in 3rd for only a second or two, then up to 4th it goes.
I've noticed in driving for just maybe about an hour or so in manual mode my mileage went from 20.5 to above 21, after a month at staying at around 20.5 and driving in automatic mode. I think it may have a psychological affect as well, as I tend to be more RPM and throttle conscious when in manual mode.

Anyway, thanks again!
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