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Hello everyone,
I was wanting to know and get help on how to wire LED Strips to my 06 Pontiac g6 gt coupe in the footwell area.

I am wanting to have them come on with the interior lights and turn off automatically when the interior lights do as well. I installed two strips under the dash; one on the driver side the other on the passenger side. The LED strips does not come with a control module, they just have a positive and a negative wire. I connected the neg of each strip together and added a ring terminal and put it to metal ground, and connected the positives together and used a expandable circuit to install in the fuse box. I used the interior lights fuse, and tried the radio fuse and the LEDs turn on BUT THEY DO NOT TURN OFF!

Am I doing something wrong? Or...

Should I just connect the postive and negative wires of the LED Strips to the map light's positive and negative wires? If yes, what wires would they be? Any help is appreciated and pictures help a lot!
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