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Alrighty, First off this is for a 2.4L G6, also it is a 2006 (If yours differs my bad, just a simple guide)

Good ol' Check engine light came on, so I had it ran, read MAP Sensor. Replaced it and bam! Luckily for you I recorded the process with pictures! Now I'm going to use those pics to make a guide as I could not find one for myself to use. :)

Items Used:

Vice grips (Any plier would work, needle nose, whatever, even channel locks)
5/16 Socket and Rachet (Flat head screw driver would suffice)
And I used a 5/16 socket bit with a screwdriver

All you really need is a Pair of pliers and a flat head to do this job, so if your lacking in tools, don't fret. :)

Tools Used:

Be sure to unhook that Hot cable from the battery when dealing with sensors :) Used a 5/16 socket/Rachet to undo the terminal (Vice grips work but careful! It can damage the threads o.o)

I have marked three (3) areas that must be undone to be able to remove the plastic housing that covers the throttle body.
(A) Pinch clamp (Use pliers or vice grips and slide it up off of the plastic lip)
(B) The item needing to be undone here is a large clamp, use either a flat head screw driver and/or a screwdriver with a socket bit. Note: The clamp is not shown as it is BENEATH the plastic housing, to access it you need to look under it. Remove the oil dip stick (gets in the way, at least for me) and you should be able to see the clamp from the right portion of the engine.
(C) is out of screen, but it is an identical clamp that attacks the plastic housing to the Air filter box, undo that clamp and remove that hose as well and now you should be able to remove the plastic housing to reach the next step.
Pic of item (C) the air filter box clamp

After the housing is removed you should bere here: Your nearly complete! Whoo! pat yourself on the back because the hardest part is over!


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Now remove the plastic clips holding the wiring hose in place as I am doing here: (Makes it a little easier to get to the sensor)

Once That is done you should be here.
Two areas are marked
(A) the location of the sensor
(B) the wire which holds the sensor (I had already undone mine)
The sensor is located beneath the plastic wire hose.
NOTE: It is not held in by any bolt, clamp, or screw.
It is slotted to fit into a groove, you can tell by the sensor, the appendage from the sensor with the orange booty fits into a hole snuggly, no need to force anything, be gentle as it is plastic and can break easily, besides, you just paid a crap ton for a little piece of plastic right? :D dont want to break it at this point!!!!!!!!

Now, this is the old and new sensor, replace the sensor, and reverse the steps being sure to snug the clamps down and what not.

Note: Not sure if there are any relearn procedures or not, I am simply showing how to do the dirty work. Consult your local technician or dealership to validate whether or not there is a relearn procedure. My car cleared the dummy light and is driving fine.

Also note, this is a a DIY guide and I hold no responsibility for damages to any vehicle: owner should proceed with this at their own risk and should have a decent knowledge base about vehicles. Hope this helped somebody as it would have been a great reference guide for myself :)

As always, peace, love, and god bless :)


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