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Hey everyone,

Yesterday I finally took the ugly bastards off. They were stickers, not paint. I am not sure if all g6s are adhesive laminates, but mine were. I could tell by the noticeably raised feel when I felt with my fingers.

Process time: ~45 minutes

Equipment needed:
1. heat gun (pretty sure a hair dryer will work)
2. bucket or pale
3. microfiber towel (to limit scratching the car)
4. car soal of your choice (I used some off brand that my brother in law had)

I found it best to work in 2 feet sections. Take the heat gun and slowly pass over the decals for a few seconds. Turn of the heat gun and pick at the decal with your fingers. I was able to grab a piece and take about 6" off with one pull. Keep doing it until the decal becomes brittle and you can no longer peel the decals in large chunks. Repeat with heat gun, and then proceed with peeling.

How to remove the adhesive:
This is what took most of the time. I think it could be easily shortened if you have adhesive remover. Unfortunately, I only had GoofOff and I don't want to take that anywhere near my car. So I used a soapy solute and a microfiber towel to remove the residue. Like above, I worked in 2 foot sections and used the heat gun to make the adhesive soft. Maybe this could work without the heat gun, but I found it to help somewhat. After I warmed up a 2 foot section, I grabbed the towel and pressed firmly and washed in small circles until the residue was gone. Repeat until no more residue.

Maybe this isn't helpful to some, but I just want you all to know it can be done. The car looks so much better now.

Please PM if you have any questions.
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