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Sound was working fine until one day there was a pop and all the mids in the car stopped working, I thought it was just the rear speakers that had been blown so I bought some JBL 6x9 GX9638.
I installed them, and then only the highs were working. So I’m assuming it’s the monsoon amp.
I have an aftermarket amp and a line output converter, is there a way to wire all the speakers to the aftermarket amp? And if so how would I attach the line output converter to the stock stereo?
Also there are the 4 wires for each speaker in the back, an +,- for the highs and a +,- for the lows, when wiring them to an amp how would you connect these wires? Do you keep the positives and negatives together?

sorry never wired speakers to an amp normally just the subwoofer, If anyone has any advice I would love to hear it I’ve been fighting this car for weeks now
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