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I had not seen it mentioned on the maintenance schedule of the owners guide so had kind of ignored it until my hydraulic power steering pump started whining. I started out using the turkey baster remove some and replace method, but later I found this video on using a hand vacuum pump and the fluid return line. I did not bother getting the larger fluid reservoir and this made it less likely that I would let the fluid drop too low and suck air into the system. The process was pretty simple and not too messy.

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(200) Power Steering Fluid Flush the BEST way for MOST vehicles, shown on my 2007 Pontiac G6 3.5L V6 - YouTube

The replacement Prestone conventional power steering fluid indicates it should be replaced every 50k miles. The synthetic version says it will last for 100k. If you have hydraulic power steering and have not replaced the fluid, it might be time to consider it.
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