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When it comes time to sell your home, usually the quicker you can find a buyer, the better. The sale of your house is usually the starting domino for a whole chain of events, such as allowing you to purchase a new home, move away without paying two mortgages, and be able to settle into your new life more quickly.

Unfortunately, there is no magic formula for how to sell your home more quickly. Sometimes it depends on the condition of the housing market, whether lenders are lending at a reasonable interest rate, and sometimes it depends on the state of your neighborhood. These are things you can’t control, but there are some things that you can change. Here are a few ideas for how to sell your home more quickly.

Choose your time of year wisely

You’re more likely to sell your home at certain times of year than others. According to a Yahoo Finance article citing statistics released by Zillow, “Home sales reach their peak in June, [and] during the last week of that month residential real estate transactions are 40% higher than average.”

You won’t always be able to wait until summer to sell your home, however, so short of that, keep in mind a few times of year to avoid putting your home on the market. For instance, the holiday season is a big real estate hole. No one wants to move in the middle of seasonal celebrations, and winter in general is a time when people aren’t interested in spending the time outside in the cold necessary to get them moved to a new house.

By March, though, they’ve gotten their tax returns and the return of spring and warm weather gets them excited to try something new. Listing your house by March might set it up to beat the rush of homes listed during the summer, as well.

Put a 9 in the thousand place

You’ll have noticed the gimmick grocery stores employ in order to get you to think an item is priced more cheaply: they price it for $14.99 instead of $15.00. Use the same strategy in your home price listing, just don’t go overboard with a bunch of 9s. Make it simple: instead of $160,000 or $159,999, list it for $159,000. Zillow reported that “home prices that end in ‘9’ sell for more for a home of the same relative value that ends in a ‘0.’” Plus, Zillow found, “Homes using ‘9’ in the thousands digit sold four days to one-week faster than those that didn’t.”

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Source: finance.yahoo.com/news/3-tips-for-saving-money-on-your-home-125820548.html
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