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Im from Thunder Bay, Ontario, and have an 05 G6 automatic. While I love my car, the engine (LX9 3500) annoys me to no end as it is the poorest performing of all G6 engines, and the stock pcm settings suck. nonetheless, im going to do some mods and tune. Heres the plan, and the q's:

Magnaflow Cat-Back
coil-over springs
18" Konig Traction wheels

im going to install the CAI next week, and save up for the exhaust and tune before I try putting the MAF on as i was advised in another thread. Springs and wheels will wait til next year. Im thing about hooking up a small bottle fogger, which the MAF will support, I'll just need a TB spacer, but I havent heard much about NOS on G6s or the LX9. Any input/feedback to anything i said is appreciated, Im not a dummy, but Im fairly new to the art of tuning
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Welcome aboard, join in and post some pics!
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