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Okay guys, I went through a bit of hell replacing my car stereo today. I had the Metra Turbo2 kit and was following it's directions, which were lacking.

Tools needed:

1/4" socket wrench
1/4" socket driver
7mm socket
Flat screwdriver

To get to the stereo in the car, you need to remove:

Two end panels on either end of the dashboard.
The glovebox
The part of the dash which is located under the steering wheel.
The HVAC Controls

First: The two end panels.

These panels are clipped in. You can use a flat head screwdriver, or even your car key to pry them up a little. Once you can get your fingers under them, just lift until they come loose.

Second: The glovebox.

The Metra 2 kit tells you to remove six screws to remove the glovebox. I found the six screws in all of the locations in the picture, and then I found THREE MORE that needed to be removed. Two of them are underneath the side panel that you removed previously, four are inside the glovebox itself, and then two more are underneath the glovebox. Make sure that you get all of the screws, or you may damage the glovebox

There is one screw that is located to the bottom left of the glovebox. You will need to open the glovebox beyond what is the normal amount that it opens. To do this, push in on the sides of the actual glovebox compartment while pressing down. The box should open quite far at this point and will give you enough room to get into the screw.

Third: Dash under the steering wheel

You need to remove five screws. Two are under the panel you removed previously. Three are on the underside of the dash, two are on either side of the steering column, and one is located next to the dash panel that goes over the radio/hvac controls.

Fourth: Dash over the radio/HVAC controls

Pull this outward from the bottom until it unclips. Remove the wires from the hazard switch by using a flat head screwdriver to release the clip.

Fifth: HVAC Controls/radio

The HVAC controls have two screws, and the radio has four. Remove these and you now have access to your radio. To completely remove the radio, pull it out and unplug the wiring harness from the back of it.

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yeah very nice instructions lampoon

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Did you not have to re-direct your driver info control unit? On my car I herd I had to relocate an aftermarket DIC in my glove compartment to avoid throwing a code. How did you guys handle this?

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:banana::banana:pics are back up on the link from Lampoon
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