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Hub assembly/ bearing problems?

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My name is JB, n Im new to the site, and wanted to throw something out there.
i have a 2006 g6 and today, i found that i need a new hub assembly, and the part is on national backorder, and im 1000 over my waranty(lame). i was wondering if anyone had an idea if it was a recall or a potential recall, because the demand for the part, does anyone else have this problem?
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normal hub assembly problems for most cars? not only are my bearings going, but the actual piece is completely shot. it moans alot, cept wen u go left(being the hub assembly on the left) buuut it isnt horrible yet, n the repair is at cost for the parts, so it isnt horrible
Turns out I needed a new steering column (whats up with that)...I didn't know those things go bad...Was fixed under warranty!
Hub Issues

My 2005 G6 is in the shop for the third time for hub issues. This will be the third replacement. Assume this is not normal wear and tear? Can anyone shed any light on this problem? Appreciate any info. Thanks, Michelle
I think I am seeing the beginning symptoms of a hub problem on my left front as well...doesn't make any noise yet (thankfully) but when I hit a bump, it "bobbles" a little - a little bit of a loose feeling. I checked for recalls on the hubs to no avail...so unless we can get a bunch of people to complain, looks like we have to pay.
mine had the left front replaced before i bought it. haven't noticed any noise or that another one could be bad.
Hub bearing/assembly going bad - 2nd time

I am also a victim of the hub bearing/assembly going bad. At this point it is humming pretty loudly. I had the right front replaced @ 31,000 miles under warranty and now that I'm at 72,000 it's going again. I'm trying to find out how common a problem this is... I've always owned Pontiacs and never had this kind of problem before.
So I've already had my steering rack replaced ([email protected]) and now I have the same kind of bobbling/rattling/loose noise again, but it sounds more like it's coming from the left/front of the car rather than just the front.... so from reading this it sounds like it's the hub/bearing area. I need to get my brakes worked on,maybe new rotors and definitely new pads, but what do the hubs and bearings really do? My car has 65K miles... when are these parts usually replaced? what are signs and symptoms?

this sucks.
common problem... aftermarket rims destroy them, but because its an enclosed bearing you cant really keep them lubed. the common concerns are backlash and groan noise. they arent a recall but they are on backorder cuz gm likes to share parts with similar gm lines. but you can usually put it on spac order. they'll pull it off the line for you. dont forget buying gm parts gives you a warranty 12 months or 12k miles.
If you're changing rotors/pads or have have the wheels off for some reason, are problems with the hub noticeable? Do you have to think there could be a hub problem to find a hub problem?

does that make sense?
jack up the front wheel, shake the wheel up and down. if theres play, look in the inside and see whats moving. usually you'll see just the wheel and rotor moving if its the hub, but look at the ball joint. make sure that aint moving. also shake the wheel left and right, that would be for checking your tie rods.there should be no play at all.
I'm an owner of a 07 G6, I recently had a front hub go and started pricing them out before I realized it was under warranty. Most of the local parts store had it for $200+. I found http://www.aaaaautomotive.com/Shop/Control/Product/fp/SFV/32785/vpid/7282118/rid/134382/vpcsid/0 Brand new but no warranty. For $40 you can't go wrong. Hopes this helps
So if I turn to the right and if goes away I have to change my right hub??
Hi guys.

I am the owner of both a 2000 Grand Am and an 2008 G6.

My Grand Am has 185,000 miles on it. I've personally put on no fewer than a half dozen sets of front wheel bearings. I buy Timkin brand from my FLAPS (friendly local auto parts store, a term I learned from the Grand Am Owners Club forums) with a 1 year warranty and replace them within that time period for free. I've been doing this every year for the last 5 or so years (and still have only paid for the original pair).

These cars have a notorious problem with their front bearings (the Grand Am's). I don't know yet about the G6, I just got mine this month, but considering the G6 is the successors to the Grand Am I would not be surprised at all if they also have this problem.

I have put the bearings on myself and I have also let 2 different mechanics/shops put them on for me, so I don't think it's something I am doing wrong. I am also quite knowledgeable about cars, I do almost all of my own work, including a timing chain/water pump replacement on my Grand Am last summer, so I don't think it's some other problem causing the bearings to go bad.

Also, in regard to the post about the part being on "national back order"... there should be plenty of non-OEM manufacturers for this part, like I said I use Timkin which comes with a 1 year warranty.
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