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This is a retarded thread. Your wheel will NOT lock up, won't happen, the steering feel without assist (electric or hydraulic) is exactly the same if you suffer a power loss. EPS is just as "steerable" in the event of a power loss as any non-EPS car. Our cars do not have a steering lock when the car is shut off. Even if it did have a lock the trigger to engage the lock occurs when the transmission is put into park. Try this: go out on a deserted road, shut the engine off and try to make a turn. The car will respond to you just with much more effort than it would with assist. I think you may be getting EPS confused with what we engineers call "Steer by Wire"- in steer by wire there is no mechanical link between the wheel and steering rack. Steer by wire uses sensors to determine the degree that the wheel is turned and then process that signal to turn a motor connected to the rack to make the car turn. EPS just has a motor attached to the steering column to help turn the conventional column- just like a hydraulic system. Anth_97's link shows typical placements of the motor.
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