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I have been having lots of trouble with my car and I can't get ANY help. I have a 2005 G6 with 39,000 miles. Here are my problems:

Problem 1:
About two months ago I couldn't get my car to start. I turned the key at it sounded like it was trying to crank, it never did. I tried 4 times. I finally went in and got my husband and he tried. He turned the key and held it there. You could hear it trying to crank but it didn't. He finally pushed the pedal as far as it would go and it cranked after a few seconds.

I took it to the Dealer and they said nothing was wrong with it.

Probelm 2:
A few days ago I got in my car to go home from eating dinner. I turned the key and there was a very slight click. It didn't start. I tried a 2nd time, and nothing. My daddy checked the battery connections to make sure they were clean and they were. he looked at other cables and wires but couldn't tell much becasue he didn't have a flashilight. He asked me to try to crank it again and when I got in the car, my cd player was changing, the inside lights would go on and off and I could see the time on the clock. He turned the front lights on and they were barely lit. The power locks didn't work either. The cd player kept changing the whole time. Then the horn started to make that funny dying sound. We left the car there so we could go to my parents house and get some tools. We hooked it up to the voltage meter and it read 12. As soon as I cranked it, it went down to 5, then lights went out again and the cd kept chaning. A nice young man offered to jump it. They hooked it up and sure enough it cranked! We drove it to Wal-Mart and put a new battery in it.

I got my car back today after leaving it at the dealership for 1.5 days. They say "we can't duplicate the problem."

I leave the dealership today and drive my car to pick up lunch. I get back in from picking up lunch and it won't crank. It is trying but it takes about 5 seconds before it cranks.

I call the dealership and tell them what happened. I asked them if they could check the fuel pump and she said, "Sure, we can check it if the computer tells us to." I said " so you are telling me you won't check it if the computer doesn't tell you to" She said yes. Uggghhhh I was sooo mad!!! They told me to bring the car in again tomorrow morning.

Other problem/s that occur regularly:

-My cd player jams. It doesn't happen while I'm listening to one. It only happnes after the car has been off or if I switch from the radio to CD. It displays error messages on the screen and I took pictures of them with my cell so I could show the dealership (Check Disk 2 3, 4, 5 etc, Ejecting All CDs). It actually NEVER ejects the CDs and it won't let me check the disk. It just gets stuck. It usually corrects itsself after it sits for a while.

-It always starts slow. I have to hold the key and it usually takes a couple seconds.

-I hear a clicking/knocking sound from under the steering column when I slow down or go over many bumps in a row in the road.

-5 times in the past 2 months I have gotten in the car and the CD player is changing.

Other problems that have only occured once or not a whole lot:

-A few weeks ago my turn signal didn't work. I turned it off and then turned it back on and it worked.

- I was going around a curve on the hwy and I let off the gas and when i did, the car started to act like it was going to cut off.

The dealership keeps saying they can't duplicate the problem and I am so tired of hearing that. I am about to call the local TV station, Action 9 for some help.

Does anyone have any info on these problems? THANK YOU!!! :)

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if you really want to solve the problem you should call BBB (www.bbb.com) and file a complaint but not the local tv station or news paper

BBB really does solve things like that ...

ok ... does the dashboard shut off the moment you turn the key to start the car? because to me it sounds like your battery is dying on you ... the cranking sound is the sound of the starter trying to start but not being able to because the battery doesn't hold enough charge to turn it a few times ... that's why your lights went dim and the horn was dying

i'd say either a messed up starter or the battery

6 cd or single CD changer? ... when my battery died on my car it did the same thing ... i have a 6 disk changer ... it reloaded the cds every time ... that's probably what yours is doin ... not a big deal

and cracking sound under the steering wheel could be a messed up tire rod or the whole rack and pinion assembly ... or a control arm ... tell the dealer that ... tell them to check the suspention cuz it's knocking ...

can't tell you anything about the jamming in the cd player ... i guess they all do that ...

don't be afraid to start a fight at the dealership and demand another car if yours still has warranty ...

so ... hope that helps ...

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I also have had a similar problem with my '05 G6 GT. It has never been completely dead like yours has, but once every 10 starts or so the engine will crank and not start and I have to do it a second time and press the gas and it will start up. While it was under warrantee I two took it to the dealership and received the same "can not duplicate" answer. They did tell me something I never knew though, which may interest you. If you didn't know, this car has an electronic ignition system that is different from most cars. It does not require you to start the car by holding the key over. All you have to do is turn to on and let go and the car computers will do the rest. The dealership believed my holding it like a normal car was causing my start up problem. While this was not the case, maybe it could help you.
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