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if you really want to solve the problem you should call BBB (www.bbb.com) and file a complaint but not the local tv station or news paper

BBB really does solve things like that ...

ok ... does the dashboard shut off the moment you turn the key to start the car? because to me it sounds like your battery is dying on you ... the cranking sound is the sound of the starter trying to start but not being able to because the battery doesn't hold enough charge to turn it a few times ... that's why your lights went dim and the horn was dying

i'd say either a messed up starter or the battery

6 cd or single CD changer? ... when my battery died on my car it did the same thing ... i have a 6 disk changer ... it reloaded the cds every time ... that's probably what yours is doin ... not a big deal

and cracking sound under the steering wheel could be a messed up tire rod or the whole rack and pinion assembly ... or a control arm ... tell the dealer that ... tell them to check the suspention cuz it's knocking ...

can't tell you anything about the jamming in the cd player ... i guess they all do that ...

don't be afraid to start a fight at the dealership and demand another car if yours still has warranty ...

so ... hope that helps ...
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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