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Hey I own a 05' G6 GT and recently it has been having some problems starting up. For the first few days my car would turn on light and everything then when I try to start it it would would act like it didn't want to start. My CD player would start to make these strange annoying sounds and my clock would reset. I would have to stop and try again maybe one or twice then it would start.
Now its starting to get really cold where I live and I heard cars start to act funny when it gets cold but idk it didn't act like this last winter.

One day when I got up early to go to school I opened the car door and no lights turned on. I put the key in anyway just hoping it might work but even when I turned it to the acc and then started it nothing...dead. I sat in the car waiting for someone to bring me a jump cable then all of a sudden the lights turned on and I could start it.

My boyfriend keeps saying its your battery...or maybe your starter, and i told my dad about it but all he says is put the car in the shop -___- I really don't want to do that so I'm leaning towards getting a new battery, besides the car has had the same battery since I got it earlier this year and it looks kinda old. so guys is it my battery?
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