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I want a second set of rims

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I am thinking of getting another set of rims. I was looking at these what do you think?

I haven't looked at pricing yet. Just want to get something that looks good.
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those look sick!

I have the same car and am going for a darker theme so im going to get gunmetal-black but i would def. rock those. KONIG FTW!
Yea I really like the black-gunmetal.

The rims I have now draw a lot of attention.
Do they have out bolt pattern?
This is the info I got for em. I am assuming so but I haven't called to find out.

Product #:

Size: 20x8
Offset: 40
Back Spacing: 6.07mm

Bolt Pattern: 5x110.00 (4.33in)
Wheel Cap: CAPUNC
Load Rating: 1518
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1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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